Issue with Dropdown Element on Webpage

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I have encountered with the dropdown element on one of our webpages.

When I try to use the dropdown element, it does not function properly, and I am unable to select any options from the list. I have attached a screenshot of the issue along with the URL of the webpage for your reference.

Could you please advise me on how to resolve this issue? I would greatly appreciate your assistance in ensuring that our webpage functions correctly.

I used (item.value) this expression to select dropdown element.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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You can use This workflow Get Element → Click Element with set Focus parameter to true and then NM execute script:


This JS script change selected item by option value.
Browser openrpa plugin must be installed!

That is also a good solution @Synapse :slight_smile:
But in this case, the problem was easily solved using Get Element to grab the Select ( dropdown box ) and assigning the value using item.value

Lol, i dont try it, because i thinked topicstarter was already tried this usual way with item.value and it not working with select element :see_no_evil:

yes, You are right !
“item.value” this expression is not working

I think it’s does not work because in your case values of option consist from select element id , _ , option number. You must make some manipulations like get select id and add underline and option number and then put it to item.value.

My example is working too, i’ve check it on your website before post.

Weird, i would swear i had a meeting with someone showing me that specefic page.
But maybe i was wrong.

item.value selects based on the VALUE in each in the select ( ot item.text i cannot remember ) selected based on the text value ( what you see in the browser )

Can you please share the screenshot of that code ? Its a humble request !

I do not test it, its just my assumption. I try to test it later, sorry, but right now busy with work. Right now you can use code and workflow from my first answer it already tested and work.

Thanks for the reply sir !

This script is also not worked ?

script is worked, if you post more info, screenshots and etc. of workflow and current url , may be i can help you.

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