Invoking python code clears all the tables created


Please, I have so strange problem with Invoke code, using Python 3.7 on local machine.

Code works well, but every time python code invokes it deletes all the tables I have created before.

All other variables stays untouched, just the Datatable variables gets value (null).

Also very simple code like this do the same “print(‘TEST’)”.

I try to export my test workflow here.
Python deletes tables.json (26.7 KB)

Yes, I done this test of invoking python code, is same problem.

But, I try to test it by invoking C# code is ok.

Exactly, in other languages is all ok.
Just Python which I use most.

Thanks for reply, hope someone could deal with this problem.

If you dont map any variables it will try and map all, and in current release it does not support data tables, so map the variables you need to exchange, using simple types like string, integer, booleans etc only.
You could also install the latest pre release, this now support data tables but being pre release it might have unknown bugs.

Allan, sorry but I don’t understand how can I map variables (in this example flow above) I need to exchange with Python through “Invoke code”. What do you mean when you say “map”.

the button “map variables” on invoke code, is used to map variables.
As already stated, you cannot map a datatable if you are not using the latest pre-release

OOO now I see in the picture above from @chow_shaka that there is this button.
It is problem with my version.

Thank you all.


Yes, that is an older version

I just don’t understand which way I need to install latest version. I downloaded msi instaler from here: Release minor update · open-rpa/openrpa · GitHub, but this is the same version I have.
From where I need to download installer, or what other way in need to install latest version.

I am sorry, I don’t understand github, maybe it is trivial, but i am lost here…

I finally figure it out how to install it.


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I finaly tested your sugestion. Allan you was right.

When I map variables, datatables were remain untouched.

Thank you so much!

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