Invoke Openflow

Whenever I use the invoke OpenFlow action inside Open rpa to invoke a node red flow, sometimes it works but most times it just hangs and nothing happens. Perhaps someone out there has figured out what causes this and can provide me with some ideas for a solution???


I have not yet used invoke OpenFlow activity in my workflows, so maybe I don’t have a correct answer to your question. However, if you could share more details (images, videos, etc.) would be very helpful and we could try to help you.

Seems like you are having a random behavior, it could be a bug or could be configuration issues. If your current workflow is too big, try to create and small example and reproduce that behavior and share the details here, the workflow project, etc.

Also take a look to Workitems Queues which is the recommended and safest way to interconnect OpenRPA, OpenFlow and NodeRED, Workitems · open-rpa/openrpa Wiki · GitHub.


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Could be many different things. Do you have a catch all node on the nodered workflow tab, with the workflow in/out node, to catch any errors ?

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