Image automation on server

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,
GetElement & GetImage activity is not working on the server machine.
The workflow ran fine when I ran the flow while connecting to the Remote desktop.
but when I disconnect the RDC & trigger the same flow using the NodeRed Inject node, it gives me a " Failed to locate item" error.

Seems like you system is getting locked/sleep you need to change system setting to prevent it from lock

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actually, it’s a Windows server, I am connecting it with RDP.

Yes RDP server also have those settings.kindly check 99% chances are there you user is getting locked/sleep when you are disconnected. you can try HD service to fix this. There is one work around for this is you need to download an app called Caffeine If you have problems with your PC locking or going to sleep, caffeine will keep it awake.

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when i minimise it, at that time also it’s not running.

Try this: let me know if you still facing issue when RDP is minimized

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when we usually run the process, then it’s running well.
but when working with image activities it’s not working when I minimise the screen.

@Allan_Zimmermann it’s really important , please help.

@yashshah has already told you what the issue is, and linked to a solution

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