How to Recognize unstructure image?

how to recognize multiple unstructure image in openRPA?

What does that mean ? OpenRPA supports finding an image on the screen, what does unstructured mean in that context ?

In automation anywhere we can train unstaructure data from image’s text exctraction but how can do this in OpenRPA?

OpenRPA uses OpenCV for OCR like in Get Text activity.
There is several videos about this on youtube

Hi Allan,
i did not found openCV ? in which package OpenCV avaialable ?

OpenCV is used by the activties under “OpenRPA image” and you select the language under the settings tab

Hi Allan,
Only 7 activity Under “OpenRPA Image” , OpenCV is not there , can you please send me screenshot related this bcoz i did not found anything ?

OCR = object character recognition = Get text and numbers out of images. We use that for finding text on the screen, the activities for doing that is under openrpa.images and I already linked you the videos that show how to use them.

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