How to get workitem?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann .
Today i tried to work with workitem in OpenRPA. For guidance i also check your videos. But i want to know that is there any way to get Workitem in OpenRPA. I mean to say that i want to see the data of workitem that is being processed. Using “pop workitem” i am unable to get the data. Please help me.
Thanks in advance

What do you mean by unable to get the data.
Please explain what you did, and what is not working.

Sorry if you not understand. Suppose i have a data in work item like this :-
“threadid”: “5037017734”,
“threadstatus”: “OPEN”,
“actorid”: “V-12450401”,
“replystatus”: null,
Now i want to see the “threadStatus” . Can i get the thread status value in console.
I hope now you understand

If use have a variable called workitem of rype iworkitem and you used that with pop workitem
Then workitem.payload has the payload as a dictionary
So you can use workitem.payload("threadstatus") in writeline to see it

Or just set a breakpoint with F9 run the workflow and look in the varible in the properties window

Yeah i do the same thing . Please check the below image :-

But it does not work

Add .tostring() so it becomes workitem.payload("threadstatus").tostring()

Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann . For your quick responses i really appreciated.
But i have to ask you one thing is there any DB in openflow that we can use to store our data. I mean to say that i am using Local excel to store some data so is there any inbuild DB in OpenFlow that we can use to store our data. Or we have to connect with MySQl.
I hope my messages does not disturb you.

Openflow IS a database. And a much more secure one, since you get access control lists and on the fly encryption,
But if you feel more comtable with mysql, postgre, ms sql or something else, there is no issue talking to those from borh openrpa ( using the odbc extension from openrpa.msi installer ) and agents. I just dont offer support on that over the forum.

How can i use the openflow database with my openrpa workflow ? I do alot of R & D on it but don’t find any way to do it.

Look at activities under openflowdb

Yeah i already check that. IS there any video in it.
Thanks for your help. I will my best

Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann .

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