How to change some module name and create a new module?

I want to change some module name ,my friend,how can i do it in the source code,my friend?

The category is based on the dll name.
So you can change dll name, or change the code that create the categories in wfToolbox

Thanks,my friend. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Hello Allan, I have changed the dll’s name in my openRPA folder but when I open it again the name still stays the same. Can you please send me an screenshot or an screen record on how to do it ?

Renaming the dll’s is a MASSIVE task since you pretty much need to refactor all the code.
The much easier solution is to simply update the code that enumerates all dll’s and use the namespace as category name.
But give that a try, and if your having issues feel free to create a new topic with send a link to your git hub repo with the source code and I’ll have a look.