Get specific files on FTP server

Does OpenRPA have activities that support to get file on FTP server? If not, how can I do that in other way?

No. You either have to do it “your self” using invoke code, or Openflow->NodeRed.

Can you show me activity in Nodered that support FTP server please?

There are 21 modules if you search for ftp. Pick one that fits your needs. I have not test any of them so cannot recomend one.

If you need sftp thou, there is a few that is broken, so in that case i recommend “node-red-contrib-better-sftp” that i have used without issues.

I have tried as you said but I can not find FTP in nodered, do you know what’s the issue?

Open the menu
select palette
go to install tab
search for ftp, and click install to one you like

I found it. Thanks a lot Allan.

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