Filling in form from CSV in new tab for each line not working correctly


I created a workflow yesterday for filling in a web form from a CSV file that should open a new tab per row and fill in the form with the respective data.

For some reason the data is not filled in correctly for the 2nd (2 rows for testing) row as it workflow switches back to last tab (instead of keeping the new tab in focus) and overwrites the already filled in form.
What did I do wrong?

Furthermore, how can I set the Yes/No radio automatically to no and how can I set the checkbox checked automatically?

As I can’t upload any files as a new user, you can download prject settings and testing file from my server: Files

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openurl and get element will search for a tab matching the URL and swap to that, if it’s already open.
If you open multiple tabs that matches the url, it will get confused.

Match is based on tab.url.StartsWith(url) … so if is open in a tab and you use “open url” or “get element” with url set to “” or “” or “” it will go to that tab

If you need a fresh tab, close the existing one, or open a different url first

I can’t close the existing one as it’s not sent off yet. It should remain open until I go through all these tabs and click on send button.

Is it possible to open in a new browser window?

How can I use TypeText in order to get Alt+Tab shortcut, so that I can switch back one tab?

Ok, I managed to get it working by using an addon in Firefox where I can tell to open new tabs as tab1. This will get match to match and use the last one opened (the first one in the list). It’s not optimal but at least better than nothing.

If anyone comes up with a better solution, please post it.

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