File selector form


Is there a way to generate a form with a file selection field? I need a form to be displayed on the user’s machine so they can select a file, and I can work with the path of that file.

Also, is there a way to generate a form with radio buttons?


There is both an SelectFolder and SelectFile activity.

You can use ‘invoke form’ activity to show a form.

Oh, my bad.
Thank you.

Can you show me how to build a radio group element on forge forms?

I always need to search forge firm’s github issues to find examples.
I found this with radio buttons.

 <select name="CustomSelection" defaultValue="second" as="radiobuttons" label="Select something">
    <option value="first">First Item</option>
    <option value="second">Second Item</option>
    <option value="third" name="Third Item" />

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