Error when popping workitems with big files attached

OpenRPA version: 1.4.53
OpenFlow version: 1.5.0
Using or self hosted openflow: self-hosted
Error message:
Screenshot or video:
Attach a simple workflow from OpenRPA or NodeRED that reproduces the error/issue:

I have seen a couple of times now, that the PopWorkitem activity fails when popping workitems with big files attached (not actually very big but between 15-20 mb).
It fails with the message (the id is not general of course)

Gave up on 342217f5-e990-4439-a1ca-0a85d54b60aa getfile

The workitem that fails to be popped, is left in the state processing, but is not assigned to the Workitem out argument (not sure that is possible when an activity fails).

Would it be possible to extend/control the file size limit or time allowed per file download before failing?

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So I found out that there is a way to extend the timeout allowed on a network message in the OpenRPA settings.json.

The default is:

  "network_message_timeout": "00:00:15",

So to use bigger files, simply increase the time allowed for network messages (in this case for downloading the file).

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