Did anyone use FreeRdp with HD Robots?

Hey guys anyone here used FreeRdp with HD robot here and made it work?
If there any difference between the Microsoft RDP except for the license cost?

FreeRDP does not mean windows is free.

The windows server/client you are connecting to still needs a valid license, and if you are using a windows server with more than 2 users, you also need a valid RD license.

FreeRDP was how i originally made hd robots, but it had a lot of issues with stability, so i added support for HD robots to use the RDP client built into windows, and that has drastically improved stability
( there is nothing wrong with freefdp, but the source code i used was more than 7 years old when i used it, and I have been unable to find anyone that has made a working build on windows that was newer, there for i had to find an alternative )

To save space in the installer i removed the binaries for freerpd about a year ago, so freerdp does not work with openrpa’s hd robots right now, but I left the code to handle freerdp, just in case microsoft decides to break ActiveX in the RDP client and i quickly need to find an alternative

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