Assets feature in OpenFlow

As I know that UIPath Orchestrator has feature call Assets that allow to create global variable. Is OpenFlow or OpenRPA has something similar to that. Thank you.

Yes, on OpenRPA (designer) you can create an “argument” which is on side where you create a variable. An argument has the same utility of a global variable, for example send/get the value to/from another process

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As long as openrpa is connected to an openflow instance.
You have access to a mongodb database with Access Control List’s on each document.
So unlike the more “basic” key value stores you have in most RPA orchestrators, you have access to a full database here ( look at the activities under OpenflowDB )
This is also how credentials work, except username and password is encrypted with eas 256 bit encryption but is stored in the same database

@Allan_Zimmermann Can you indicate tutorial or video on how to use OpenflowDB activities?

There are some old, old example on the version 1.3 documentation page
There is also a few examples on my example github page
GitHub - open-rpa/examples-files
you shold start by looking at examples-files/openflow-database at master · open-rpa/examples-files · GitHub


Thanks Allan, it helps me a lot

how to connect to mongoDB server? what is the connection string I have to use?

You don’t. You use my activity’s or node’s or SDK … to keep enforcing the access control lists.

Got it Thank you.I will do it using openflowdb activities

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