Add Traditional Chinese language

Hi Allan,

In order to promote OpenRPA, I has created 20 resx files - strings.zh_trad.resx in chinese traditional.
The 20 strings.zh_trad.resx files have translated from strings.zh.resx.

Is there any chance you could add the chinese traditional files in a future version?

And, how do i provide files to you?

Thank you in advance.

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That sounds great. :+1:
If you have those changes in github, you can send a pull request with the updates files.
Else, you can also upload them somewhere and send the link to me here,then i will try and merge it in.

Thank you so much.
I have added the translations and published a new version on github.

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

Thank you so much.
I have downloaded the new version and installed it.
However, the ui language was not have Traditional Chinese option.

Traditional Chinese is similar to Simplified Chinese.
Simplified Chinese uses fewer characters and strokes.

Would it be too much trouble for you to add a new ui language option for Traditional Chinese?
The option may be named β€œηΉι«”δΈ­ζ–‡(chinese[zh])”.

Thank you in advance.

You had given the files the wrong name ( i had no idea what the name should be either, but after some googleing i found this link that gave me a hint. )
Sorry, I should have testet this before publishing, i just assumed the name was correct. I have uploaded a new version 1.4.53 with the updated resource files.

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