Accessing mongo DB instance belongs to my Openflow account

Hi Allen,

I want to access mongoDB instance belongs to my openflow account.
then I want to find out what are the collections that contains log and access them.
So how can I find out connection details for this mongo DB.
Thnak you.

Adding more details…
I planed to do this by using nodered mongoDB node and function(nodejs) node.
Thank you.

You are not suppose to connect directly to mongodb.
Use “list collections” and “api get” nodes from nodered

or from nodejs ( using the new agent’s SDK )

const client = new openiap();
await client.connect();
const collections = client.ListCollections()
const blah = await c.Query<any>({query: {"_type": "test"}, collectionname: "entities"})

Understood and Thank you.

Hi Allen,

I am trying to use list collection node like this.
But I am not getting any results in debug console.


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