Accessing JSON objects without keywords

I want to access all the data in a JSON object I am getting by filing a GET request.

In OpenRPA, I can access individual keys by using the keywords.

Like when I print a string variable “value” in WriteLine, it matches with the object’s key, and aptly prints the value inside the “value” key.

Variable “value” capturing the “value” keyword in the JSON object:


But I would like to access all data using no keywords.
Are there any possibilities of doing this?

@Quamrul_Zabedin Quamrul Zabedin can you please explain your query ? I am not able understand what you are trying to archive over here.


Over here, I was accessing the “value” key of the passed down JSON object using a string variable named “value”. Then using WriteLine, I printed the string variable “value”.

As you can observe, the string variable’s name and the keyword’s name is the same. (which is “value”)

Creating string variables and naming them with names matching the names of the keys of the JSON object is allowing me to get the values of the JSON object’s keys.

But I want to get the JSON object’s keys and their respective values without using any keywords of the JSON object.

possible to share your workflow here?

Apologies, I’m new to this so I don’t know how to extract a workflow, but this is a screenshot of it:

I’m not sure if I understand it completely.
But by default “invoke openflow” has no variable mappings, that means it will send ALL variables to openflow, and it will map ALL propeperties of msg.payload back to an vaiable in opeflow.
Often that is not what you want, then you can use “map variables” to “scope” what variables you want to send and receive.

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