About NM.GetElement's Selector Sync tree

Activity NM.GetElement, the Selector Sync tree doesn’t work,
it always empty as follow image,
and logging show [Error] “No current window”
it happen on chrome and firefox,
but Edge is normal, how can i resolve it

Try closing chrome and reopen it …
I have seen this error, when peoople add “reopen windows” or if chrome was started after a crash. Then the extension is not notified about windows that was opened. So when ever you navigate to one of the tabs that was preopened, the extension cannot see it.

I found the cause of the problem. If both chrome and Edge have installed the openrpa add-ons, because the Edge add-ons will be resident, so when using chrome, OpenRPA may use the Edge add-ons instead of chrome, so the logging will display “[Error] No current window”

When I manually removed all Edge add-ons in the Task manager, OpenRPA returned to normal

Are you using the latest version of openrpa ?
I am pretty sure I fixed that error about 5-8 versions ago
( or at least something similar. There was an issue with OpenURL sometime opening multiple tabs or not opening anything. But it was also affecting other browser related things )

My chrome is 110.0.5481.178
openrpa addons is

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