3.10.3. Image Search / OCR (old tesseract version)

Hello ,

I’m trying a image search workflow example find in doc.
it works but the quality and the précision of the generated text is not perfect.
do you intend to update a new version for tesseract api or there is another solution for OCR ?
other than google vision.
I want an open source solution.

I don’t know of any open source OCR solution with high precision. If I did, i would stop recommening google and aws textract for ocr that needs high precision

Hello Allan
Thank you for you reply .
If I understood correctly , for image ocr example you call this api :
GitHub - tesseract-ocr/tessdata: Trained models with support for legacy and LSTM OCR engine with a specific lang.
but when i see this folder in github it’s a 5 years ago (2018) commit version.

Is there a recent or a new tesseract api ?

That is not a question for me, that is question you need to ask the people responsible for that repo

ok , thank you ,
the probleme is that i tried an image ocr workflow with this image

but it give me this response : 8221851

which seems strange to me .

Check this repository (updated):

Or check EasyOCR (python), works for me in some projects a few years ago.

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